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What Is The Care Certificate? healthcare professionals cqc 13 standards
Flexebee Aug 13, 2020 4:21:26 PM

What Is The Care Certificate?

The Care Certificate is a significant factor in meeting the staff training requirements outlined in the Care Quality Commission. It is an agreed set of standards that establishes the behaviour, skills and knowledge required of those working in the health and social care sector. The aim of the Care Certificate course is to increase awareness of responsibilities relating to a specific care role, as well as any relevant legislation surrounding the sector. By the end of the course, learners should be well informed of their duties in a care-related role, highlighted by the 13 key care standards defined by the CQC.

How will it affect the workplace?

Aside from meeting legal requirements, the Care Certificate can aid a workplace in many more ways, by:

  • Highlighting the importance of proper care
  • Ensuring professionalism
  • Strengthening communication between staff as well as those in care
  • Encouraging kindness and awareness, making work a much more enjoyable place
  • Providing a deeper understanding of mental health issues and more general health problems
  • Increasing awareness and responsibility of the safety of those in care

Along with these, there are a further huge number of benefits to the Care Certificate that can practically transform the understanding of care in the workplace. Most importantly, though, this qualification can have a significant impact on the level of comfort that staff and clients experience at work, which often equates to a smoothly running and professional environment.

Carer kindness is an important quality in the Care Certificate

How does this apply to individuals?

The care sector takes up a significant percentage of the workforce in the UK and, as an industry, is always expanding and growing with new regulations and legislation. Consequently, there are always available careers across the whole sector. The Care Certificate can be completed and achieved at any point in an individual's life and therefore is extremely beneficial to those who decide to take a leap and join a new career path. By completing the Care Certificate course, it supports that decision and ensures that it’s never too late to make that swap and add a breath of fresh air to the industry.

Furthermore, it improves your personal attributes, especially those necessary in care environments such as being responsive and compassionate. Making you a more valued and desirable employee to have in management roles, for example. 

Ultimately, while the Care Certificate is virtually mandatory, there is so much more reasoning to completing it for both individuals and whole businesses. Its rewarding qualities go on to greatly impact both staff and clients by making the workplace safer and more comfortable for everyone.

The Care Certificate acts as a partner in your career by supporting your decisions in the industry. Take a look at our training courses to learn about how they can benefit you and your business.

Staff in health and social care roles can learn more about the key standards of care with Care Certificate training.