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Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer

This Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer course gives staff in the education and health and social care industries the skills and knowledge to become an in-house challenging behaviour trainer.

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About this Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer course

Challenging behaviour can threaten the safety of staff working in health and social care, as well as in education.

This Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer course teaches staff how to manage challenging behaviour, either how to deal with challenging behaviour in the classroom or discovering strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour in adults in care.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be certified to lead training on Challenging Behaviour Awareness for others.

Ensure both your current and future training is tailored to your business and staff with this Train the Trainer course.

clock (4) Duration Our train the trainer Challenging Behaviour courses takes 1 day (6 hours) to complete and gain your certificate. 
doorway (3) Entry & Level There are no barriers to entry on this Challenging Behaviour training for trainers course. This is an instructor course, suitable for all. 
certificate (2) Certification Upon successfully completing the Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer course, participants will be awarded a certificate.
Accreditations Meet CQC Requirements Meet CQC guidelines and elevate your team's challenging behaviour skills with our comprehensive Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer course.


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Providing relevant knowledge and skills

Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer learning outcomes

On completion of this Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer, learners will be a qualified trainer in this subject and should know and understand the following:  

  • What is challenging behaviour? 
    Understand what challenging behaviour is 
  • Types of challenging behaviour  
    Understand what types of challenging behaviour there are 
  • Causes of challenging behaviour 
    Learn and understand the causes of challenging behaviour 
  • Impacts and Results 
    Understand the impacts and results of challenging behaviour 
  • Assessment Methods 
    Learn and understand the methods of assessment of challenging behaviour 
  • Teaching methods
    Deliver sessions with different teaching methods to suit the classroom
  • Learning styles
    Understand different learning styles and when is the best time to use them
  • Retain information
    How people retain information
  • Feedback & Evaluation
    How to evaluate appropriately, and give and receive feedback to the learners
  • Ice-breakers
    Learn different ways to 'break the ice' with the whole classroom
  • Presentation skills
    Confidently present your session to others
  • Dos and don’ts
    The dos and don'ts of being a trainer

FLXB Certificate Reduced (1)


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FAQ - Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer training course

Frequently asked questions

We hope our common Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer FAQs will help answer any further questions you may have. Just click to expand! 

What is challenging behaviour? Challenging behaviour is any behaviour that someone displays that is a challenge for others to manage and/or puts the young person or others at risk. To learn more about challenging behaviour and to be able to teach an in-house challenging behaviour awareness course enrol on this course! 
How do I become a challenging behaviour trainer?  Upon successful completion of the Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer course, you will become a certified Challenging Behaviour trainer and be able to teach the Challenging Behaviour training course to any of your in-house team.
How long does a Train the Trainer certificate last?

Once certified in any of our Train the Trainer courses, trainers will be qualified to lead training for 3 years.

We recommend successful learners to complete annual training to ensure skills and knowledge are kept up-to-date, and to maintain compliance with any new legislations.

Is train the trainer a qualification?

Yes, the Train the Trainer qualification is recognised as allowing those certified to lead training for others.

We are a Skills For Care endorsed provider of this course, recognising us amongst 'best learning and development providers within the adult social care sector'.

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Why should I choose Train the Trainer?

There are multiple benefits to completing Train the Trainer courses.

Train the Trainer benefits for your business include:

  • Time-saving. With a certified in-house instructor in your workforce, you no longer need to take staff out of the workplace for training days.
  • Cost-saving. Certify your staff as an instructor from just £116 per person and they can train the rest of your employees for free. Lost days on staff training externally are a thing of the past with Train the Trainer.

Train the Trainer benefits for your staff include:

  • Increased leadership skills. Develop not just subject-specific knowledge and skills, but also teaching methods that are transferable in the workplace.
  • Better subject understanding. Becoming certified as a trainer not only looks good, but teaching others will help you become a master on the subject.
  • Training tailored to your workplace. An instructor that knows your organisation and staff inside out can deliver training that specifically solves issues that your staff face.


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Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer delivery methods

Experience our Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer course led by an accredited trainer. Join our dedicated webinar course or participate in engaging face-to-face sessions that are specifically tailored for your staff.

Please note that this course is NOT part of our subscription packages, so it’s not included in the ‘unlimited access to all our courses’ plan. Our Challenging Behaviour Train the Trainer courses can only be purchased as a pay-as-you-go course.

• Study when you want 
• Exclusive webinar
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Login Once everything has been booked, you will receive login details for you and your staff. 
Complete Course Complete the Train the Trainer Challenging Behaviour training course you purchased in the delivery method you chose. 
Become Certified Great! Now you're certified and can download the certificates from the portal. 

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