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Communication and Record Keeping Training Course

It's a legal requirement to keep accurate care records, so all workers should understand the importance of record keeping and communication in health and social care. This CPD accredited and Skills for Care endorsed course will benefit your staff by teaching them the correct way to record keeping in care.

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About the Communication and Record Keeping Training Course

Effective communication and correct record keeping are essential within the care sector for the wellbeing of patients and to protect the organisation should an error arise. By using the correct procedure, the treatment, history and medication of the patient should be properly documented so as to protect yourself and your organisation if discrepancies happen.

Our Communication Skills training course will teach your staff the methods to communicate effectively, different models and common techniques of communication, how to effectively record data in a care environment, how to prevent errors when record keeping and the legislation best practice in regards to communication and record keeping. This Record Keeping and Communication training course is perfect for nurses, care workers or anyone working in health and social care.

Duration Duration Dependent on delivery method, this Record Keeping and Communication training course takes between 1-2 hours to complete and gain your certificate.
Entry & Level Entry & Level There are no barriers to entry on this Communication and Record Keeping training online course. This is an awareness course, suitable for all.
Certification Certification
On completion of this Communication and Record Keeping course, either download your certificate or access it at a later date online. 
Accreditations Accreditations This Communication and Record Keeping course is CPD accredited and Skills for Care endorsed. It meets accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.


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Communication and Record Keeping Training Course Outline

The aim of this healthcare communication training course is to greater increase your knowledge of record keeping and the importance of communication, as well as relevant legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Defining communication
  • Methods
  • Models 
  • Techniques
  • Managing communication
  • Legislation and best practice
  • Effective record keeping
  • Preventative measures





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Providing relevant knowledge and skills

Communication and Record Keeping Training Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Recording Keeping and Communication skills training course, learners should know and understand the following:
  • Defining communication
    Learn the definition of communication and how it is used in health and social care
  • Methods & techniques of communication
    Learn and understand the different methods of communication such as verbal, written and body language
  • Communication models
    Learn the different types of communication models such as the Mehrabians Model and the Linear Model of Communication
  • Managing communication
    Learn how to manage communication correctly by understanding the barriers of communication and learning how to converse correctly
  • Legislation and best practice of record keeping
    Learn the relevant legislation in regards to record keeping such as the Data Protection Act (1998) and the best practices to record keep
  • Effective record keeping
    Understand how to record keep effectively by learning and understanding the key principles
  • Preventative measures
    Learn the common errors of record keeping so that you are able to keep on top of and prevent errors

FLXB Communication and Record Keeping Certificate




Frequently Asked Questions

Developing effective communication and record keeping is vital to delivering high quality care for service users. Here are some commonly asked questions that our experts get asked.

Become certified in Communication and Record Keeping by enrolling in our course where the below questions are covered in more depth!

What is Record Keeping in care?

Record keeping in care is the documenting of information relating to an individual in care. The minimum requirements of completing care records are:

  • ○ Personal details of the person in question
  • ○ Dates and times of key events such as arrival, departure and any important incidents
  • ○ What care was given to the patient and by whom
  • ○ The outcome of the care provided
  • ○ A review of the care that was given
  • ○ A discharge summary or details of ongoing care
Why is effective communication in health and social care important?

Effective communication in health and social care is important because it helps build good relationships with patients, visitors and colleagues. It also helps deliver high-quality, person-centred care. Some methods that contribute to effective communication are:

  • ○ Positive body language – positive body language shows that you are ready to listen to the patient. Sit where you can be seen and not half turned away.
  • ○ Active Listening – Actually listen to what is being said and how it is being said. Do not jump to conclusions and allow the individual to express themselves.
  • ○ Account for barriers – take into account barriers to communication such as environmental, personal. Transmission and comprehension barriers




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Communication and Record Keeping Training Course Delivery Methods

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