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Our superior advantage

We offer e-learning, webinars and blended learning all centrally from our innovative Learner Management System, known as Flexehive. Through digital learning methods, we allow your business to take control again and ensure compliance training and upskilling staff is no longer the chore it once was. With well over 100 accredited courses to choose from, we have a range to satisfy. Our unbeatable support and user-friendly interface ensures we do all the heavy lifting. Your admins can win, your learners can succeed and your business can beat the competition. Book a demo now and judge for yourself.

Do you have more than 5 members of staff?

See how a Flexebee Unlimited Subscription can boost your staff's skills:

Your 1 stop training provider

Being the complete training solution for your business is our stated aim. Our range of courses and Learner Management System will enable us to take care of your compliance needs whilst you focus on ensuring your organisation succeeds.

There are so many new methods of training staff available in the market. However, people continue to use out-dated, laboured techniques. Our digital training solutions makes switching to the future so simple and cost effective. Why wait? Start saving time and money today.

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Put simply, e-learning is training done online and can be completed anywhere, anytime on a device with internet. Whether that's at home, at your workplace or in a park! Our library of over 70 accredited e-learning courses are ready to go and your staff can be certified quickly and effectively.

With full access to our simple to use LMS provided, all your training will be centralised and everyone kept easily involved. If you have more than 5 members of staff you quality for a free trial.
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Accessed and hosted via our LMS, our interactive webinars provide access to over 100 varied subjects. A full, live schedule of courses run every month or repeats can be watched at more convenient times. Alternatively, arrange dedicated webinars for groups of staff.
Access via any device, meaning they be undertaken whether at work or at home. With growing demand. webinars are fast becoming the new way to train.
Find out why today.

Blended Learning

Our blended learning solutions aim to deliver training combining face-to-face interactions with online activities. Via our LMS, our blended learning courses aim to remove or substantially reduce face-to-face training requirements, whilst still delivering exactly the same quality of course.
Delivered by tutors who are experts in their field, find out how you can utilise our experience and tick off those final training requirements.


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FlexeHive Learning Management System


Simple and effective digital training is what we promise.
From managers and admins to the end-user, our LMS is easy and convenient to use and keeps everyone involved. With fast setup and many inbuilt tools, our LMS will ensure your organisation's training succeeds.
Features include: customised branding, clear actionable reports, SCORM compliance, built-in webinar technology, accredited courses, downloadable certificates and many more.  
Achieve your business compliance and training goals. Book a demo below today. 



An extensive course library

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Innovation in training

Saving you time & money

We offer both subscription (unlimited access) and pay-as-you-go payment models for both e-learning and webinars. A full schedule of live webinar courses is available, alongside access to reruns for those that missed them. We can also provide dedicated courses for organisations wanting to train groups of their staff together. These are available both as webinars and blended learning solutions. All of these include access to our innovative Learner Management System, enabling you to take back control. Don’t waste more time and money, find out how we can help you today.


Our most popular way of training your staff. Unlimited access to all our eligible courses and webinars for a low fixed monthly cost. Cost-effective, engaging and guaranteed to improve your workforce's skills and retention. Find out how a subscription could transform your organisation's training and put you back in control. Start winning at training now.


Pay As You Go

Organisations requiring infrequent/lower volumes of courses may benefit from our no-obligation, pay-as-you-go credit and token system. You can top these up quickly and easily for both e-learning and webinar courses via bundles. Prices start from as little as 75p per course. Find out if this would work for you today and start improving your staff's skills, knowledge and attitude.
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The advantages of subscribing

  • Unlimited access to all e-learning and webinar courses.
  • Access for all your staff for one low monthly fixed cost.
  • Pay monthly - improves your businesses cash flow.
  • Budgets no longer constrain staff skill development.
  • Get additional discounts on blended learning courses.
  • Never pay extra for newly released courses or updates.
  • Never pay twice for training if people leave, replace for free.
  • Fully branded LMS to develop company identity.

Unsure what learning method is suitable

for your organisation?

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Care essentials All the courses the care sector needs in one place. Meet all the required standards. Learn more HERE.
CQC Required Great offering of courses to cover CQC training requirements. Meet CQC standards easily. Learn more HERE.
Safeguarding A wide range of safeguarding courses for anyone working with children or vulnerable adults. Learn more HERE.
Clinical and specialist Specialist, clinical and management courses for the care sector. Learn more HERE.
Mental health Develop knowledge in key issues in mental health and social care through these programs. Learn more HERE.
Business Compliance Effective compliance courses so employees know their responsibilities. Learn more HERE.
Soft skills Important soft skills for your organisation’s development and long-term success. Learn more HERE.
First aid Meet all HSE obligations with this complete range of First Aid Courses. Learn more HERE.
Fire safety Access Fire Safety training solutions. It saves lives. It is the law. Learn more HERE.
Food safety Complete range of food safety courses. Meet the highest standards demanded. Learn more HERE.
Health & Safety Essentials This range will ensure your staff are comprehensively trained. Work confidently and safely. Learn more HERE.
Hospitality essentials Drive hospitality skills and compliance with this thorough course selection. Learn more HERE.
Care Train The Trainer
Train your own staff in all the courses the care sector could ever need. Meet CQC requirements for less. Learn more HERE.
Health and Safety Train The Trainer Extensive range of train the trainer courses to enable you to teach your own health and safety courses to staff. Learn more HERE.
Education Essentials Extensive range of CPD and compliance courses for educational staff members.
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What are you waiting for?

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