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Blended Learning

Traditional training meets online learning solutions for Health and Social CareBusiness, Education and Hospitality & Retail staff. 
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Blended learning - An innovative approach to learning

Flexebee offers blended learning solutions as an innovative approach to learning that takes every type of learner into account. It combines online/digital interaction with traditional classroom methods as certain skills can rarely be replicated any other way than via classroom learning.
From mandatory courses that meet the required needs or extra skills to help better the workplace, our blended learning training is designed to remove as many obstacles as possible and are perfect for any business looking for both online and face to face training experience. Our Blended learning courses are not part of our unlimited subscription package.

You're just a few clicks away from exploring a better way of learning using blended solutions.

Blended learning - An innovative approach to learning

tick (2)-1 delivery methods icon CPD ACCREDITED Give your business the satisfaction and quality assurance of CPD accredited Blended Learning courses.
online-course  icon training 200+ COURSES Over 200 different e-Learning, Webinar and Blended Learning courses in a wide range of subjects covering compliance, health and safety and soft skills.
mortarboard-1 delivery methods icon TOTAL SUPPORT Our tutors are experts in their fields, striving to deliver interactive and engaging sessions.
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Our tutors are experts in their fields, striving to deliver interactive and engaging sessions.

What is blended learning and its benefits?

Watch this video to learn more about our blended learning and how they can benefit your company:
• Broadens the learning experience by supporting anytime, anywhere learning.
• Blended Learning gives learners a more comprehensive understanding of the course content as it is taught in multiple ways.
• Blended learning allows learners to interact with instructors and fellow learners in a way classic e-learning does not.
• It reduces face-to-face training costs travel, accommodation and physical training materials.
• Blended Learning is more time-efficient than face-to-face training as learners will have less time away from the workplace. 

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How staff in your industry use online training to their advantage

  • Health and Social Care
  • Education Safety
  • Business Essentials
  • Hospitality and Retail

Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to their patients. Whilst continuing professional development (CPD) and mandatory training ensures that a high standard of care is delivered to all service users, time is not often a luxury for staff in the health and social care sector.

E-learning and webinars provide a great training solution for healthcare workers to maximise their efficiency away from practice hours.

For example, the regulations for revalidation set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) state that staff must complete at least 35 hours of CPD. An online training portal allows staff to complete all of this training at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.

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With homework to mark, lessons to prepare and students to look out for, training can be hard to prioritise for school staff. An online portal gives staff the opportunity to complete their training from their desk, or even at home, in less time than a traditional face-to-face course would take them.

To save teachers and non-teaching staff time during INSET and throughout term-time, discover why webinars are a popular training method in schools.

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Compliance with industry regulations and legislations is not only essential for employees to effectively fulfil their responsibilities, but also to demonstrate your company's reputation to clients.

Our compliance tracker eliminates doubt when it comes to ensuring all training needs have been satisfied.

Having all training centralised on one platform makes managing employees across different offices and locations much easier for managers.

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The hospitality and retail industry can be turbulent to say the least. With new staff coming and going, it's often hard to keep on top of everything.

Training online affords your business to onboard new members of staff immediately and assign them the necessary courses to get up to speed much more quickly than conventional training allows.

In the portal, you can track how learners are doing and instantly download certificates upon completion of the course.

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FAQ- Blended learning

Frequently asked questions

Blended learning combines the best of traditional methods with the flexibility of online solutions, here are some of the most frequently asked questions on blended learning.

What is Blended Learning? Blended learning is the combination of learning methods - online training with more traditional face-to-face interactions.

Blended learning gives learners the flexibility to complete training at their own pace anytime, anywhere whilst still receiving support from a tutor.
Why would you choose blended learning?

You would choose blended learning because: 

  • Accounts for Everyone – Blended learning takes into account every type of learner. That includes if you prefer more traditional classroom-based ideals, a more independent method such as online training or a mixture of both. 
  • Lowers Costs – Face-to-face training can be very expensive and as blended learning incorporates online training, a much more cost-effective method, it can bring the cost down drastically for business owners and managers. 
  • Engages Learners - As blended learning is a mixture of multiple learning methods it keeps learners engaged and gives them a better understanding of the course content. 
What are the differences between blended learning vs other learning methods?

Blended learning vs hybrid learning

Hybrid learning and blended learning are very similar but the main difference between them both is the manner in which in-person and online learning are used.

Hybrid learning is when the in-person and the remote learners (connected via video conferencing) are experiencing the class at the same time.  

Blended learning, however, is when all the learners attend in person at the same time and complete the online portion at their own pace, in their own homes.

Blended learning vs distance learning

Distance learning is when you study remotely from the college or training centre. The term is commonly used to refer to courses where the teachers and tutors are separate to the students.

Blended learning is done partly online, via e-learning, and then face-to-face at your premises.

Blended learning vs traditional classroom

Traditional classroom teaching is when the course is completed solely in person in the classroom.

As mentioned above, blended learning is a mixture of traditional classroom teaching and online training. 

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