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About the platform

What is Flexehive?

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Flexehive is our online training portal. Also known as a Learning Management System (LMS), Flexehive provides your training, learner and business compliance tracking, stores course certificates and much more!

From managers and admins to the end-user, our LMS provides fast setup and many inbuilt tools that give you control, all in one place.

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Flexehive's key features

Our LMS technology should power you past your goals like they were too easy. From our unbeatable support to our UX design, the Flexebee team does the hard work for you. Your admins can win, your learners can succeed and your business can beat the competition. We make digital learning simple. Book a demo now and judge for yourself.
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Access learner statistics

Access learner statistics such as total learners, user spaces available, credits assigned and credits available straight from your management home page. Track how well your learners are getting on with the current compliance and course statistics metrics too.

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Add users easily

Find our add users section by using our navigation bar on the left-hand side. You are able to add users to your system easily by using just their name and email address. If your learner does not have an email address that is fine, you can give them their unique access code which will allow them to log on as well.LMS-Page-Add-User-image

Built-in training matrix Keep your training compliance up to date with a built-in training matrix showing which learners are up to date with their training. You’re able to download printable training reports in CSV, Excel and PDF format for single learners, a group of learners or all of your learners at once.LMS-Page-Reporting-image
24/7 support Do not worry if you have any queries whilst using our LMS software! We have a built-in feature where you can contact our attentive support team directly. Use this feature if you need help with anything on our platform and we also have short guides on how to use our LMS software if you do forget anything.LMS-Page-Support-image
Course groups feature Save time by using our course groups feature! You are able to swiftly bunch courses together and assign them with a click of a button to any number of your employees. Split your courses into different categories and give them unique names so they are easily accessible.LMS-Page-Groups-image

Customers that use Flexebee

Multiple data widgets give key information at a glance. A full reporting suite and easily exportable learner reports enable control.
Onboarding Tools
Manager onboarding tools to get those that need to get up to speed quickly and successfully.
Customisable Features
Make the system individual. Customers can easily change permissions, add company logos, profile images and settings.
Efficiency Tools
Over 40% more time-efficient than other LMS systems. Simple, multiple course enrolment, bulk upload facility, certificate download section and enrol by job role function.
Learner Support
Interactive automated onboarding tools take the hassle out of getting learners started. Additional support is provided via intercom course guides, live chat, screen share and phone support.
Intuitive Design
Simple and clean design enables users to navigate their way around the system with ease. Courses are interactive and guide learners successfully to achieve learning outcomes.

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Tailored to you

How staff in your industry use online training to their advantage

  • Health and Social Care
  • Education Safety
  • Business Essentials
  • Hospitality and Retail

Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to their patients. Whilst continuing professional development (CPD) and mandatory training ensures that a high standard of care is delivered to all service users, time is not often a luxury for staff in the health and social care sector.

E-learning and webinars provide a great training solution for healthcare workers to maximise their efficiency away from practice hours.

For example, the regulations for revalidation set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) state that staff must complete at least 35 hours of CPD. An online training portal allows staff to complete all of this training at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.

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With homework to mark, lessons to prepare and students to look out for, training can be hard to prioritise for school staff. An online portal gives staff the opportunity to complete their training from their desk, or even at home, in less time than a traditional face-to-face course would take them.

To save teachers and non-teaching staff time during INSET and throughout term-time, discover why webinars are a popular training method in schools.

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Compliance with industry regulations and legislations is not only essential for employees to effectively fulfil their responsibilities, but also to demonstrate your company's reputation to clients.

Our compliance tracker eliminates doubt when it comes to ensuring all training needs have been satisfied.

Having all training centralised on one platform makes managing employees across different offices and locations much easier for managers.

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The hospitality and retail industry can be turbulent to say the least. With new staff coming and going, it's often hard to keep on top of everything.

Training online affords your business to onboard new members of staff immediately and assign them the necessary courses to get up to speed much more quickly than conventional training allows.

In the portal, you can track how learners are doing and instantly download certificates upon completion of the course.

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This pay-as-you-go credit and token system allows you to top these up quickly and easily for both e-learning and webinar courses via bundles.

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Extensive course library

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Our courses drive your business

tick (2)-1 delivery methods icon CPD Accredited
Give your business the satisfaction and quality assurance of CPD accredited courses. 
online-course  icon training 200+ Courses Over 200 different courses in a wide range of subjects covering compliance, health and safety and soft skills.
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Access to e-learning, webinars and blended learning courses. Enabling you to diversify.
3d-movie gold standard in training icon Gold Standard
Courses are fully responsive, illustrative, contain animation, text to speech, easy to use and so much more...

Frequency asked questions

What is an LMS? LMS is short for learning management system and is an online software application that handles all aspects of the learning process. It is where the training content is kept, delivered, tracked and reported.
What is an LMS administrator? An LMS administrator or a learning management system administrator is a person who has the responsibility of managing the team, keeping track of everyone’s progress and assigning the courses to your team.
What is a cloud based LMS?

A cloud based LMS is hosted on the internet and can be assessed by logging into a web portal. You don’t have to install/download a specific hardware or application to access it.

Our LMS is a cloud based solution to offer our customers the flexibility they need.

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