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SOFT SKILLS Training Courses

Digital learning solutions and Soft Skills training courses to improve skills in yourself and your organisation. Brought to you by Flexebee, a CPD Accredited Provider from only £0.40/user. Meet requirements, train your staff easily and save money.

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Passionate about Soft Skills

Helping up skill your workforce

Flexebee offers an extensive range of soft skill courses specifically designed to help individuals and organisations develop valuable skills to power their businesses forward. Catering for all learning styles, these are delivered expertly through e-learning, webinars and blended solutions. Get the most out of your team and give your staff the tools to thrive in the workplace.
Hosted in our innovative Learning Management System with full reporting and many inbuilt tools, upskilling your staff with our Soft Skills training courses and improving your business performance has never been simpler and more accessible. Your staff can train anytime, anywhere, on any device. As a manager, you will have full staff reporting, compliance tracking, and the ability to assign a batch of courses to multiple people in just one click.
Business Success
Drive your organisation success with a soft skills training strategy.
Meet all your business soft skills needs in one efficient solution.
Save Money
Both cost-effective and time-efficient skills updates for employees. 
Encourage organisational attitude change and effectiveness via soft skills training.
group training EXPERT CONTENT We work together with subject matter experts to deliver high-quality engaging soft skills training courses for all.  
Improve decision-making and handle business-critical issues confidently. 

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Our Soft Skills courses

Almost every company requires employees to engage with others and ensuring your staff have the skill set in soft skills will help with the long-term success of your business. Not only that, but online Soft Skill courses will improve your staff's motivation, teamwork, time management, problem-solving, and more!

Our Soft Skills training courses are a great way to learn how to relate and interact with people and social situations and help your staff develop personally and professionally. Click on one of the courses below to view more information on them.

Complaints Handling Handle difficult customers with confidence and professionalism. Build rapport and reduce conflict. READ MORE
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Customer Service Awareness Learn how to deliver excellent customer service, be confident and deal with complaints. Read More
Read More
Cyber Security Awareness Raise awareness levels and learn to protect yourself or your business online and more. Read More
Read More
Effective Call Management

Provide professional call handling whilst ensuring customers are dealt with efficiently.

Read More
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Interview Skills

 Increase knowledge of interview and recruitment processes plus relevant laws and legislation.

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Read More
Managing People

An ideal starting point for those who have little or no formal management training.

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Managing Your Digital Profile

Understand the boundaries on social media between professional and personal lives.

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Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment is vital to protecting children in care. Understand recruitment vetting practices.

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Staff Appraisal Skills

General knowledge surrounding staff appraisals and the role they play within the workplace.

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Time Management Awareness

Learn strategies and techniques to manage your time more effectively and get more done.

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Stress Awareness

For managers, supervisors and employees to help identify and prevent the causes of stress.

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Professional Boundaries Awareness

Understand the need for professional boundaries and help maintain a professional Code of Conduct.

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Complaints Handling
Customer Service Awareness
Cyber Security Awareness
Effective Call Management
Interview Skills
Managing People

Managing Your Digital Profile
Safer Recruitment
Staff Appraisal Skills
Stress Awareness
Time Management Awareness

Soft skills training delivery methods

Our Soft Skills training courses are available 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Perfect for staff with busy schedules or difficult shift patterns.

• Study when you want   
• Track staff progress   
• Study anywhere you want on any device 

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FAQ - Soft skills training courses

Frequently asked questions

Ensuring staff regularly develop their soft skills is essential to creating a successful working environment. Here are some of the most asked questions that are put to our specialists.

What are soft skills? Soft skills are also known as people skills and they refer to the ‘intangible’ skills that make an employee effective. These include time management, communication, teamwork, and empathy.
What are the benefits of Soft Skills training?

Soft skills form the building blocks of any successful workforce. Providing training to develop employees’ soft skills at all levels, including managers, maximises the value that they bring to your organisation, as well as the value that you provide your staff. In fact, research carried out with CEOs of companies from the Fortune 500 found that 75% of job success in the long term is attributed to soft skills.

Upskilling your staff with soft skills improvement courses is essential if your organisation regularly deals with customers, clients or patients.

FlexeHive Learning Management System


Simple and effective digital Soft Skills training is what we promise.
From Managers and admins to the end-user, our LMS is easy and convenient to use and keeps everyone involved. With fast setup and many inbuilt tools, our LMS will ensure your organisation's training succeeds.
Features include: customised branding, clear actionable reports, SCORM compliance, built-in webinar technology, accredited Soft Skills courses, downloadable certificates and many more. 
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