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Food Safety & Hygiene Training Courses

High-quality online food hygiene courses to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to handle food correctly and safely. Brought to you by Flexebee, a CPD Accredited and ROSPA Assured provider from as little as £0.40/user. Meet food hygiene standards, train your staff easily and save money.


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Raise food hygiene standards

Flexebee offers an extensive range of food safety & hygiene training courses specifically designed to help UK businesses meet legal requirements with regards to food hygiene. Catering for all learning styles, these are delivered expertly through e-learning, webinars and blended solutions. Hosted in our innovative Learning Management System with full reporting and many inbuilt tools, gaining knowledge and skills to meet the required food safety standards has never been simpler and more accessible.
Fully compliant Be Compliant Meet all your food hygiene requirements in one efficient solution.  
IMPROVE STANDARDS Range of courses to improve food safety standards across sectors.  
PROTECT Both cost-effective and time-efficient food safety & hygiene updates for all employees.  
PROMOTE CULTURE Be more effective and integrate services to approach food hygiene issues effectively.  
group training EXPERT CONTENT We work together with food safety experts to deliver high-quality engaging courses for all.  
people BE CONFIDENT Improve decision-making and be able to deal with food safety issues confidently.  

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Our food safety courses

Every business that deals with food must take responsibility for staff food hygiene training and supervision. Our CPD accredited online Food Hygiene courses ensure your company meets food safety standards.

Whether you need Food Safety Awareness training or require higher levels of food safety manager training, we will provide your staff with the correct skills and knowledge and ensure your business is effectively assessing, controlling, monitoring and reviewing food safety procedures. Check out our most popular online food training courses below.

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Our Food Hygiene training is available 24/7, anytime, anywhere and can be completed at your own pace. 

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  • Top customer support with intercom course guides, live chat, screen share and phone support


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FAQ - Online food hygiene courses

Frequently asked questions

Are you looking for more information on Food Hygiene? We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions our food safety & hygiene training specialists get asked.

Why is Food Safety training important?

Food Safety training is important because your employees need to know correct food hygiene to protect your customers from food poisoning, allergic reactions and other health risks associated with eating contaminated food. By following these procedures, it ensures your food premises is a safe, enjoyable place to eat, which in turn means customers are more likely to return.

Food Safety law also requires businesses to provide food handlers with an understanding of food safety. Our online Food Safety courses will cover the relevant knowledge, skills and help you meet all food safety requirements.

What are the benefits of food hygiene training? There are plenty of benefits of food hygiene training including:
  1. Reducing the risk of food poisoning. Food hygiene training prevents food from becoming contaminated due to improper storage, cross-contamination and undercooking.
  2. Cuts down on waste. With properly trained staff, less food goes out of date, gets contaminated, or is lost due to poor handling and inappropriate temperatures.
  3. Improves efficiency. With the correct training and regular application of food safety principles, staff will know how to work hygienically and improve storage methods, making the workflow better and preventing errors.
  4. Promotes a positive workplace. If staff understand the importance of good food hygiene practices and the safety of their customers, it will improve employees' motivation to follow them and they may gain a better appreciation of their job.
  5. Build a positive reputation. If you ensure your staff upholds good hygiene practices, your food premises can remain safe and protect those eating there. In turn, this means customers will trust your food and will want to return.
Is food hygiene training a legal requirement? It is not a legal requirement that food businesses should hold a food hygiene certificate to prepare or sell food, however, it is the law that every food business must take responsibility for staff training and supervision when it comes to food safety.
FlexeHive Learning Management System


Simple and effective online food safety training is what we promise
From managers and admins to the end user, our LMS is easy and convenient to use and keeps everyone involved. With a fast setup and many inbuilt tools, our LMS will ensure your organisation's food safety training succeeds.
Features include: customised branding, clear actionable reports, SCORM compliance, built-in webinar technology, accredited food hygiene courses, downloadable certificates and many more.
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