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Why webinars are the popular method of training for INSET days online training education business compliance remote learning
Flexebee Mar 29, 2021 7:50:41 PM

Why webinars are the popular method of training for INSET days

Providing staff with skills development whilst meeting compliance requirements has always been vital to business success, especially in teaching establishments. Webinars can provide a simple alternative to normal classroom-based teaching without losing any of the benefits of face-to-face contact.

The flexibility and accessibility of webinars enable all staff to succeed via this method regardless of the shifts they work or the time constraints placed upon them. We have seen recently phenomenal growth in the use of webinars and e-learning for education, as most schools have turned to these learning methods during this period of lockdown for students across the country. Webinars have also often been used for INSET days in schools for a number of reasons.

How can webinars help schools train staff during INSET days?

Managing remote groups

Larger businesses such as schools often employ staff that live quite a distance from their workplace and morning commutes can sometimes demotivate and fatigue staff before the day has even started. By eradicating the travelling distance necessary for INSET days, learning is easier and more enjoyable for everyone, making those involved more enthusiastic and attentive. Not to mention, money is also saved by not having to travel.

Improving retention

E-learning and webinars can increase the retention rate of staff by a huge 25% to 60% making INSET days massively more effective and highly beneficial for the entire business. They're quick too! With staff on average dedicating just 1% of their work week to training, an efficient learning method is required to optimise this training opportunity. In fact, online learning takes 40 to 60% less time than traditional classroom-based training, making it an ideal delivery method for INSET training.

Long-term value

A large number of webinars have the option to access the content even after the presentation has ended. This means that staff can revisit and revise the subject when necessary and apply it to their work with ease.


Firstly, learners will be saving money by not having to travel. Webinars are also typically a much cheaper means of training compared to other training methods.

Take a look at our Webinars page to find out how they can benefit your business. If you're interested in other ways of training your staff for INSET, take a look at our Education Essentials training page, where you have the option to select webinars, e-learning or dedicated learning courses.