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Flexebee Mar 29, 2021 7:47:33 PM

5 benefits of renewing your mandatory training online

Working in both hospitality and retail can come with many challenges, especially as the opinions of the customer/client hold a huge amount of importance to businesses compared to most other sectors. Furthermore, it is these industries (particularly retail) that have been impacted most by the new rules and regulations regarding safety during this pandemic. These times have demonstrated how important a well-trained and knowledgeable team of staff can be in order to adapt to trying circumstances. As well as this, there are many more reasons that it may be time to think about renewing the training of your staff.

Keeping up with compliance

In the fast-paced industries of hospitality and retail, from first aid to mental health, there are frequent changes of legislation that are essential for businesses to keep up with. For instance, the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981 lay out that any employer has the responsibility to make risk assessments as well as provide adequate equipment and facilities, for all staff, in order to prevent injury or illness. Along with this, developments in technology over time can improve the information given during courses and alter the required responses to better aid and protect both clients and the business as a whole. For example, technology in First Aid Courses has come a long way, the first Automated External Defibrillator* being used in 1978 and not becoming part of the general first aid training until much later. It is crucial to keep up with developments in your sector to have a successful and protected business.

Encouraging teamwork with training

These courses not only enable staff to handle situations surrounding the safety of clients but also how to recognise conflicts. Mental Health courses, for example, can be applied both to keep patients safe in all its aspects (of safety) and also to be aware of the staff's disposition after or during difficult or sensitive situations. It's important that these potential problems can be acknowledged and assisted in order to create a fluent and professional work environment.

Advantages for individual careers

Renewing training often shows your commitment and dedication to your career and also means you have the correct qualifications to progress up the ranks. This is especially important to those working directly with food as there are different levels to the Food Safety courses that open up more opportunities within the sector. For instance, the Level 3 Award in Food Safety gives employees insight into overseeing the manufacturing and catering of food, making them perfectly suitable for roles in management and supervising. Providing thorough training also ensures the protection and continuity of a well-managed business.

Adopting good habits for safety

Ultimately, the purpose of any training course is to supply knowledge that allows staff to provide a service with quality, safety, and professionalism. However, after a year or two without being reminded of that knowledge, it is easy for people to forget or fall into bad habits. Renewing the training can prevent this from happening and also improve the confidence of employees when carrying out their duties. Revising and perfecting training can help to form good habits that keep customers and clients safe and satisfied. 

Giving your business a good name

A high-quality staffing team often has a ripple effect through a business. Well-trained, professional staff with expertise in their field can transform the image of a business to customers and inspectors, which results in more positive reviews and feedback.


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