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Pandemic claims its rights: Emotional Management mental health healthcare depression
Flexebee Aug 28, 2020 4:13:35 PM

Pandemic claims its rights: Emotional Management

The rules that all industries previously followed are being rewritten by the coronavirus pandemic. Recent social measures and restrictions have stretched the limits of all companies and businesses across the world and everyone is facing challenges and pressures that can have a physical, financial and emotional impact.

If this pressure and stress go unrecognised and unacknowledged, it can have serious rep
ercussions for a business. 12.5 million working days are lost each year in Britain due to stress in the workplace. Some common problems that all of us are facing at the moment range from family responsibility to job security, and everything in between. In a time like the present, it has never been more important to protect and care for our own mental health while also being aware of how to help those around us should they need it.

There has been a huge range of suggestions across the internet on how to stay sane and 
happy during lockdown, for example, the Three Good Things’ campaign. However, when dealing with whole businesses and bigger groups of staff it can be difficult to adapt to everyone’s needs, stressing the importance of awareness courses such as Mental Health Awareness training and Stress Awareness. These courses have the purpose of teaching how to identify and manage stress, to ensure businesses are run as smoothly as possible. They have a much larger range of benefits, though:

Mutual understanding and agreement

Learning about ourselves and others simultaneously inspires trust in employees and encourages a stronger level of teamwork and kindness throughout relationships. 

Adaptable knowledge

The information given during these awareness courses is personalised to specific professions and therefore proves more helpful for individuals dealing with work-related stress. 

Flexibility of courses

The range of delivery methods gives you the power to choose the way your staff learn. Each can spark new ideas, focused discussion and drive the creation of solutions. This is because everyone involved can bounce ideas off of each other and inspire new perspectives and solutions.

Raising awareness for mental health

1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health problems at any one given time. The stigma around mental health usually means that many of those facing these issues feel they can’t step forward and talk about it. These courses allow people to understand and be able to tackle the more difficult conversations.


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