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Understanding Private Duty Nursing duty of care healthcare professionals care skills
Flexebee Jun 17, 2020 7:49:17 PM

Understanding Private Duty Nursing

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), 50 million people worldwide have dementia, with 10 million new cases every year. These individuals often need around-the-clock care. While families often bear the burden, care assistants providing private duty nursing can also be of benefit in these circumstances.

In many of our lives, a loved one is experiencing challenges like this every day, requiring in-home care and supervision from a qualified professional. Caregiving is often a solution that best fits the needs of an ailing senior, but is there more that can be done?

Understanding private duty nursing: the basics

Private duty nurses offer services for a family caregiver when the challenges of helping a loved one become more than anticipated, and help is needed. Private duty nurses essentially work in conjunction with a family caregiver, providing further safety, security and supervision for your loved one - whether in the home or at a facility. The private duty nurse also actively participates in a senior's customised care plan, allowing for a more engaging and organised experience.

The benefits of having a private duty nurse

Having a private duty nurse is a great way of providing security and peace of mind for yourself and your senior. The relief they bring cannot be measured, and the duties they fulfil are wide and varying. If you choose to hire a private duty nurse, you should expect the following:

Administration of medication

Expect your private duty nurse to set up and organise each pill or medicine in their respective order. They will be involved in administering and scheduling medication times. This can include topical or oral meds, eye/ear drops, injections, inhalants and more.

Providing grooming and hygiene

From bathroom supervision, cutting nails, shaving, and help with bathing, a private duty nurse helps to ensure patient hygiene is maintained.

Medical duties

Your private duty nurse will fill insulin syringes, examine blood sugar, and mix or draw up insulin for future injections.

And more! Private duty nurses are there to help and they have a duty of care.

Your private duty nurse is here to act as not only a medical professional, but also as a liaison between the caregiver, health aids, and you. Most nurses can be scheduled to help for pre-planned visits, or are available for hourly care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is an all-inclusive job, with the ultimate goal being the meticulous, caring and compassionate monitoring of your loved ones in providing the extended support they needed.

Allow yourself greater peace of mind, and reassurance that your loved one is in good hands. Consider a private duty nurse today.

If you are a private duty nurse looking to further develop your expertise, our Health and Social Care courses are the ideal online training solution for you. These include some of the fundamentals for healthcare professionals, such as Duty of Care Awareness and the Care Certificate training.